How to choose a place in 2020?


More than 80% of people start to plan your vacation in late winter. At this time, open the promotions early booking hotels at popular resorts, you can save up to 50% of the tour price, if you do not take it into the season. Question: “Where to go?” ask yourself, as seasoned travelers and novice travelers. How successful will be your choice, depending on the purpose of holiday – active, passive, excursion, family vacation.
Determine the direction – sea, mountains, domestic tourism or foreign travel. Beginners should look to the popular resorts of the Mediterranean and Black sea for the first trip of emotions will abound, the service is typically All inclusive, flights short-lived.

Vacation with children

You may not yet know to which category of tourists about: Asian or European. If you are interested in ancient buildings, art, fashion consider Spain, Italy, Czech Republic. This area of Schengen, so you will need to open a visa.
Best options for children of preschool and younger school-age destinations with short flights: Turkey (side, Belek), United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Tunisia, Bulgaria. There are many hotels located on the beach, child-friendly, sandy beaches. Offers mini-clubs, Babysitting, everywhere has a children’s menu. In UAE not have to go to an expensive hotel Dubai can be located in neighbouring Sharjah.

Hangout for young people

Violent party is a beachfront hotel in the resort centre of any European city. Better infrastructure is definitely here:
In Cyprus;
• Mallorca;
In Ibiza;
In Bulgaria;
• Rhodes.
Turkey is a unique country, suitable for any holiday. Alanya, Kemer, Marmaris, Bodrum resorts more economical than European, but the entertainment is enough. Get chic aesthetic pleasure from landscapes and enjoy a relaxed holiday in Croatia and Montenegro. The amazing beauty of nature, architecture, unspoiled beaches, convenient transportation domestic and international. Here will appeal to both couples, and lovers and friends.

How to save money on the trip?

Follow “burning tours”. This special offer is for a package of services, which includes not only accommodation but also the flights. Discount as a rule, gives the hotel accommodations or airline. Valid this campaign only a few days to time should watch for updates on our website or leave us a contact so we immediately contacted you.
Budget tour to European countries include: Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic. Much depends on the Manager who picks the tour.
Be good, for example, to relax in the centre of Dubai for reasonable money. Yes, to the beach by bus, but there is every hotel has a pool on the roof and you are still in Dubai.

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