What tourists need to know about Venezuela?

Venezuela is considered to be one of the most picturesque countries in South America. This is a unique place, where the snow-covered mountain peaks side by side with the Amazon jungle, and the mountain plateau offers stunning views of the Golden sandy beaches. Here is located the largest lake in this continent (Orinoco) and the highest waterfall in the world angel.
For active recreation it is best to visit the areas of high and picturesque mountains, National Park, and in the winter months and ski resorts.

Caracas is not only known as the capital of the state, but also as a city with the most restaurants and cafes per capita. By the way, this side of social life in Caracas is the main, because it is in such institutions in Venezuela, it is customary to discuss any events and to make deals.
The best time to visit Venezuela is the period from November to may. At this time the climate is most favorable. However, if you want to see places such as angel falls, or to catch the ski season, the best time would be the rainy season and winter months respectively.

Useful advice to those wishing to visit Venezuela

Movement within the country to be working quite well. So, in the metro of the capital cost of tickets is small. All big cities have well-established networks of public transportation, with buses, minibuses and taxis.

Incidentally, the latter are sent as required and not according to the schedule and cost of them is not higher than in conventional buses. Only in the evening and on weekends and holidays the fare increase by 10-20%.

If you prefer to take a taxi, note the driver to use the meter. Also it is better to discuss the price, as the driver may choose the longest route. The taxi is the bets double after 20 hours.

Tipping in Venezuela decided to leave the service in total. This is despite the fact that most institutions enter from 5 to 10% of the Commission from provided services and goods.

The mode of operation of most stores of the country: from 8 am to 6 PM. Noon – lunch break, which can stretch up to 2-3 hours of the day. Shopping centers are open a little longer, until 8-9 PM.

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