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The “Touristl” app is your personal virtual city guide you can even chat with! An interactive guide in augmented reality mode can turn your walking tour into an exciting and educational adventure with tips and information about the sights.

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About the project

The social project “Touristl” is intended to attract additional attention to the rapidly developing technologies in our country and become a full-blown interactive attraction of various cities not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries.

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About the app

  • Personal virtual guide

    Your personal guide will be a popular character who will turn even the most ordinary walk into a real journey — informative, comfortable and extremely fascinating.

  • Search for interesting places

    A quick and easy search of locations, on the map or situated nearby, is available in the application; photos and videos, brief descriptions and educational information are attached.

  • Simplified authorization

    You don’t need to go through a full-fledged verification procedure each time — just use your personal Google account or on one of the popular social networks.

  • Individual route

    You do not have to depend on other people or generally accepted excursion routes anymore. Build your own tourist path to not miss any interesting sights.

  • Augmented Reality

    Thanks to modern AR technology, you will discover a world of bright and exciting travel with interactive possibilities. Turn your walk into an adventure quest.

  • Share on social networks

    Want to take a photo with a personal virtual guide or share your current location with friends? No problem! These and other useful functions are available in our application.



A carefully designed route for a city tour, which not only makes it easier to get acquainted with the main sights, but also allows you to significantly save your own time and money. In doing so, the user gets the opportunity for independent research of places of interest with the help of a virtual guide.

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  • Unique and well-designed route

  • Quests with different passage time

  • System of unique achievements for the quest passed



“Touristl” has unlimited possibilities for improvement, introduction of new concepts and implementation of the most ambitious ideas.

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  • 01

    Multiplayer quest — traveling with friends is much more fun.

  • 02

    Introduction of the system “People around” — find new acquaintances or friends in quest

  • 03

    Adding opportunities for content control and analytic data set up

  • 04

    Project development not only in Lviv, Kyiv and Odessa, but also in other cities of Ukraine



Our team makes every effort for the nonstop development of the “Touristl” project. This will help it to always remain relevant, interesting and useful for a wide range of users. But in perfecting the project we cannot do without the help of those who, like us, are interested in the development of the IT industry and the tourism business. Join us, let’s improve the world together!

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