About the app

Смартфон с открытым приложением

Innovation in the world of tourism — application with guide.
The “Touristl” app is the first part of a global international project aimed at changing the attitude of people to walking and tourism, and making them more interesting, more convenient and more informative.

The highlight of the application is an unusual virtual guide you can interact with. It will help to turn the walk into a real adventure! In different cities and countries, the role of guides will be played by different characters. For example, for Kyiv, where the application will be launched for the first time, it will be the Ukrainian writer Nickolay Vasilievich Gogol. He will accompany you, suggest places to visit, tell about the sights nearby and, if appropriate, mention facts from his own biography.

There will be more guides, as well as cities, in future, and among them you will meet not only historical characters. You will be able to choose yourself who will become your personal guide this time. In the USA, for example, among the available guides there will even be a Statue of Liberty!

The advantages of our application

  • Личный гид. Иконка.

    Personal virtual guide

    Your personal guide will be a popular character who will turn even the most ordinary walk into a real journey — informative, comfortable and extremely fascinating.

  • Личный гид. Иконка.

    Search for interesting places

    A quick and easy search of locations, on the map or situated nearby, is available in the application; photos and videos, brief descriptions and educational information are attached.

  • Личный гид. Иконка.

    Simplified authorization

    You don’t need to go through a full-fledged verification procedure each time — just use your personal Google account or on one of the popular social networks.

  • Личный гид. Иконка.

    Individual route

    You do not have to depend on other people or generally accepted excursion routes anymore. Build your own tourist path to not miss any interesting sights.

  • Личный гид. Иконка.

    Augmented Reality

    Thanks to modern AR technology, you will discover a world of bright and exciting travel with interactive possibilities. Turn your walk into an adventure quest.

  • Личный гид. Иконка.

    Share on social networks

    Want to take a photo with a personal virtual guide or share your current location with friends? No problem! These and other useful functions are available in our application.

Beneficial entertainment

Using the “Touristl” app, you will travel
with interest and benefit.

  • Champion in orienteering. The application will not only pave the route to the sights of your interest, complementing this information with photos, videos and useful facts about the location, but also will not let you get lost in unfamiliar areas, offering you virtual helpers in the form of tables and arrows.

  • Efficiency and independence. You no longer need to book expensive excursions and spend money on guides as well as to depend on other people and typical tourist routes. Using the application, you can choose places to visit and save your money.

  • I came, I saw, I won. With the “Touristl” app you can not only travel comfortably, but also earn! Complete fascinating quests and mini-games and get coupons and discounts at partner places. Drinking tea in a cozy cafe, at a discount besides, is always a pleasure after a long walk.

Application screenshots

A few words about the app development

  • 1

    Saving money and time, popularizing of hiking, traveling with benefit — these are the main ideas the developers of the “Touristl” app want to bring to the masses.

  • 2

    Progress does not stand still. Like any other project, this application needs regular updates and improvements to remain useful and relevant. For this reason we need money.

  • 3

    Demonstration of advertising, development of quests with prizes from partner places and other opportunities will help to attract new partners and make the application every time more and more interesting and useful for users.