About the project

We live in a world where the quantity, quality and importance of technology increase every year. The results of technological progress are visible not only in most areas of human activity in real life, but also in the presence of a skillfully created virtual world. In particular, we are talking about the technologies of virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR).

Both technologies are not just considered very promising, but also have been actively developing for many years. Giants of the modern market, such as Sony, Facebook and HTC, are investing millions of dollars in order to successfully implement VR and AR technologies in their projects. And only in 2018 the market for products created on the basis of augmented and virtual reality brought more than 8,000,000,000 dollars in profits, and this is far from the final indicator.

Virtual and augmented realities are distinguished by an extraordinary visual appeal as well as a high degree of utility, since they can be used for a variety of purposes — from working and studying to advertising and entertainment. The examples include cinemas, offering a really immersive experience, navigators with a variety of pointers and virtual assistants, the world-famous multiplayer mobile game Pokémon Go, and so on.

Profits of more than

$ 8 000 000 000

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It would seem that all possible options for the implementation and development of virtual technologies have already been found and utilized to some extent. But in fact, however, there are still many areas of business where VR and AR have still to prove themselves. One of these areas is tourism, and here, despite numerous attempts, the place of a full-fledged product based on technologies of augmented and virtual reality is still vacant.

To be exact — it was, until recently, because the Ukrainian IT company ServReality decided on a bold and decisive step and created an innovative tourist project “Touristl”.

This is a unique product created in Ukraine for the needs of travelers around the world, and an enormous experience of developers and all the efforts were invested in its creation and implementation.

Project expansion map

  • Ukraine
  • Great Britain
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • USA

Project goals

Obviously, “Touristl” is not just an ordinary product of the IT market or a narrowly focused project. This is a global idea, thanks to which the understanding of tourism and its capabilities will change radically, and Ukraine will strengthen its position in the market of modern technologies.

  • To optimize the tourism business and make it better. Thanks to AR technology, traveling on various tourist routes will be more interesting, economical and informative. And this kind of tourism is very modern!

  • To give travelers a maximum of useful and fascinating information about various sights of Ukraine and other countries of the world. Both the guide and the tourist brochure are in one application!

  • To prove that in Ukraine the world-class technologies are created and applied. At the origin of this international project is the work of Ukrainian specialists, who by their example demonstrate high professionalism and serious ambitions.

  • To attract investors. A modern project that has no full-fledged analogues and serious competitors can become a reliable option for investment and mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of tourism business.