Our team makes every effort for the nonstop development of the “Touristl” project. This will help it to always remain relevant, interesting and useful for a wide range of users. But in perfecting the project we cannot do without the help of those who, like us, are interested in the development of the IT industry and the tourism business. Join us, let’s improve the world together!

We invite for cooperation

  • Educational institutions — for cultural and historical excursions popularization.

  • Commercial organizations — for quests sponsorship.

  • Government agencies — for promoting the tourist attractiveness of Ukraine in the international arena.

  • Volunteers from various fields of activity — for the initiative assistance in improving the project.

  • Representatives of the media and specialists in the field of public relations — for the project popularization.

  • Investors interested in the IT industry development.

What will it bring to

  • Educational and cultural institutions

    The interest of tourists to cultural and educational activities and excursions will increase.

  • Government agencies

    Cooperation with the project will help to promote Ukraine as a tourist country in the international arena.

  • Volunteers

    Getting new experience and knowledge.

  • Media representatives

    The implementation of technologies in the field of tourism is a hot topic that will interest and attract more new viewers and readers.

  • Business establishments

    Additional advertising and, accordingly, income.

  • Investors

    Additional income from contributions to the development of a forward-looking project.

  • Users

    High-quality application that will help to make a walk or a journey useful, convenient, fun and profitable.