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Virtual guide: its benefits for Kyiv citizens and guests of the capital

Landmarks of Kyiv city are really impressive, that’s why there have always been an interest in the capital’s culture both on the part of tourists and Ukrainians. Virtual guide is, in turn, not only an advanced product in IT-technologies sector but also an opportunity to simplify the process of exploring the city.

What are the specific features of the virtual guide and what advantages will it provide to its users?

3D guide and its functionality do not actually differ from a real guide. However, the virtual character does not ask for money and is able to turn any walk into a real adventure.


Virtual cultural guide will familiarize the user with the surrounding attractions in unpressing manner, lay a suitable route and allow sharing your ‘cultural discoveries’ with other people online.


You only have to install the application on your smartphone to get all the above benefits. In addition to the obvious advantages of a virtual guide, the user will enjoy the following:

  • An interactive environment where usual walk allows to gain more impressions and educational content. The very acquaintance with the sights of Kyiv is greatly simplified. After all, the user no longer needs to spend his or her own time on booking tours and planning activities in accordance with their schedules. The guide allows to arrange individual or group tours whenever you want it, not only when it is possible.
  • Significant cultural and educational role of 3D guide. Application with a virtual guide is perfect for walks with children. The very fact that the tour will involve a simulated famous person from the past (writer, actor, scientist, etc.) already carries an educational function. Moreover, this function comprises both acquaintance with the culture of the city, and popularization of the virtual guide personalities.
  • 3D character-guide does not impose the flow of information. Acquaintance with the city takes place in an easy and relaxed manner. With this approach, the information, as proven by psychologists, is processed without any difficulty.

In conclusion

An interactive guide will allow you to get acquainted with the landmarks of culture and architecture of Kyiv in free-and-easy manner – a walk with the opportunity to learn information about what the user is looking at. For the moment, such kind of project is really cutting-edge in its field, and it has already received the approval of experts around the world.

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