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Why our future is impossible without virtual and augmented reality?

These technologies have been developing by leaps and bounds. Already today it is difficult to find a person who would not have heard about VR-devices and various kinds of augmented reality projects, such as Pokemon Go. Why do artificially created objects and even whole worlds occupy so much space in modern realities and why do futurologists unanimously state that the future is impossible without such technologies? It is easy to understand because there are a number of reasons for such statements.

Key arguments in support of our 'virtualized' future

Reality with artificially created elements has firmly enrooted in present-day society. If you have heard the phrase ‘Do U Know Da Way’, then you can no longer doubt that you are somehow involved in the process of improving and development of augmented and virtual reality.


The main arguments in favour of the impossibility of the future without such developments include the following:

  • Virtual and augmented reality involves three-dimensional visualization of various objects. As proved by psychologists, such visualization improves the quality of the process of material assimilation of any complexity and scope. That is, artificially created reality or its elements have a huge advantage in comparison with the textual, integrated and even interactive presentation of the material. All this opens up unlimited opportunities for the use of such technologies in all areas of our lives without exception.
  • The development of technical devices for augmented/virtual reality has also been proceeding at a fairly rapid pace. If you cannot afford a high-quality VR-device now, in a few years the situation will change fundamentally. Augmented reality smartphones and VR helmets will be as accessible and popular as laptops or personal computers.
  • Artificially created or augmented reality completely minimizes all risks associated with its use. A person, for example, who wants to jump with a parachute, will not risk his or her own life, because it will be possible to experience the same sensations in VR mode. Such technologies make possible things that have been unavailable before and improve existing aspects of our lives.

Speaking about the improvement of existing activities, it is worth saying about the Ukrainian Touristl project — a virtual guide installed in the user’s smartphone that is able to radically change the attitude to tourism, exploring the city and hiking. Only one augmented reality application completely changes such an ordinary thing — a walk around the city, making it most informative, exciting and unusual.

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