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Ukraine and its development in IT sector, namely AR and VR

Global trends in IT inevitably capture one country after another, and in this regard, Ukraine is not going to wait on the sidelines as well. At the moment, the development of augmented (AR) and virtual (VR) reality is particularly relevant, and domestic developers have already managed to make significant progress in this field.

Important Ukrainian projects in the VR and AR field

It should be noted that Ukraine has succeeded quite strongly in the field of augmented reality and is significantly behind in completely virtual developments. This is largely due to the fact that augmented reality requires highly qualified specialists and primary financial investments, while VR development presumes involvement of professionals and unequal competition with western major players of this area. At the moment, Ukrainians can already be proud of such projects as:

  • Odessa Looksery startup, which due to its uniqueness was bought by the well-known Snapchat developers. This application allows to change the appearance of a person in real time and with AR elements.
  • The development of Augmented Pixels company, which have already received due recognition of the world community in the field of augmented reality. They have created both game and marketing projects.
  • Roshen company also possesses augmented reality tools for marketing purposes. With their help, special showcases were created in which a person could see himself or herself and various elements of augmented reality.
  • MTS Ukraine company, which back in 2012 created AR-fitting rooms, where you could try on clothes with just one movement of your hand.
  • Historypin project, which allows to see architectural facilities the way they looked like in the past. Smartphones were used as the main appliances for project implementation.

Speaking of competition with the western world, we cannot say that augmented reality, in this case, is significantly behind the virtual one. For example, despite the huge number of actually achieved results in AR development in the field of tourism and travel from Google, the Ukrainian Touristl project on creation a virtual guide manifests revolutionary and unique ideas that will not only facilitate tourist acquaintance with the cities of Ukraine, but will also make this process absolutely all-sufficient and exciting.

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