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What are the benefits of virtual tours?

The rapid improvement of technology has made a significant contribution to the development of world tourism. Advanced solutions in this area are featured by virtual guides that can turn an ordinary walk into an informative tour, which will have interactive, cultural and social component.


By its nature, the virtual tour is a thoughtful system of interactive communication ‘man-environment’ through the use of VR-technologies achievements and mobile devices’ upgrade. Even today, 3D tours are a real opportunity to save money on the guide and not to lose on the quality of exploring the city.


What are the benefits of such a project?

Nowadays, when the idea of virtual tours is being implemented, we may talk about a large number of positive aspects such project promises. These include the following:

  • The ability to simplify the acquaintance with any city. There is no longer a need to read long guidebooks, lay your own route and deal with maps. All these functions will be performed by a virtual guide.
  • Significant savings in money and personal time. You can forget about expensive guides and stop wasting your time standing in a queue. You will have all the necessary information (route, information about attractions, useful and interesting facts) in a single application.
  • Promotion of walks. Spending time outdoors will be even more exciting if your walk is not only useful but interesting as well.
  • Important educational aspect. Your personal guide will be a well-known personality whose literary creations will also be popularized through the app.
  • Acknowledgement of Ukraine as a country with advanced IT-solutions and technologies. This project is a positive confirmation of our country’s potential as for the development of advanced technologies of our time.

In conclusion

Virtual walks are no longer just a concept. Such a project is able to make a significant contribution to both tourism and technology.

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